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As well as writing the original novel and helping to adapt the story for TV, Walliams will also be appearing on screen as a shifty burger van owner.

You bet it is. Have you got kids aged between seven and ten?

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The plot centres on Zoe newcomer Talia Barnett , a young girl who is being raised by a dad who is never around and a stepmum who despises her. And, in , the channel transformed a fantasy novel about an orphan slaying dragons into the funny, exciting and magical The Last Dragonslayer. Tune in and trust Sky One to do the festive telly business.

All is well until Armitage manages to climb out of Zoe's pocket and onto her head! Zoe is suspended and as she leaves, she has to go past the greasy burger man Burt.

Ratburger by David Walliams - review

He serves the most disgusting burgers, as well as the most disgusting ketchup, in the entire universe. I think this book is very modern and up to date with life now, which makes it even more interesting. The end of this book is absolutely brilliant! This book will make you laugh, maybe cry and also feel very sympathetic towards Zoe. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone boy or girl over the age of 7.

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