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Experiencing Geometry: On Plane and Sphere. Hilbert, D.

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    Circles: A Mathematical View, rev. Applications of geometry in the real world include computer-aided design for construction blueprints, the design of assembly systems in manufacturing, nanotechnology, computer graphics, visual graphs, video game programming and virtual reality creation.


    Geometry also plays a role in global positioning systems, cartography, astronomy, and geometry even helps robots see things. A computer outfitted with computer-aided design software contains the math to render the visual images on the screen.

    Some CAD programs can also create a simulation that allows you to see what the finished space looks like in a simulated walk-through. Though most gamers appreciate speed over real life effects, geometry provides both for computer and video game programmers.


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    The way that characters move through their virtual worlds requires geometric computations to create paths around the obstacles populating the virtual world. Visualize a rotation and compute its matrix:. Compute properties of geometric figures with dimensions higher than three. Compute properties of a high-dimensional geometric object:. Specify parameters for a high-dimensional object:.

    Compute properties of a geometric packing:.

    5 Simple Math Problems No One Can Solve

    Estimate the number of objects required to fill a container:. Get information about a periodic plane tiling:. Get information about a nonperiodic tiling:. Investigate interference patterns with offsets or angles:. Get information about a class of polyforms:.