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What is happening? Messages from a human? I expect and welcome this test for everything I write and speak as a channel for Kryon. It absolutely must stand up every time. The Lightworker's Handbook Channeling Series Channellings that explain the core information of Kryon in logical steps Not really a book , but just an expression. New to Kryon? Is all this information overwhelming?

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  • A Channeling Handbook by Carla L. Rueckert.
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  • Where to start? What channelling is the one to help those just coming into this belief? What Kryon book is the best to start with? Here is a series of five channellings below that have been created for this very purpose. About Channelling From Lee Carroll I want to take this opportunity to speak of channelling in general.

    It represents a few channelling "lessons" that explain the premise of the Kryon information in logical steps. This is CORE information that has been presented in many channellings over 18 years, but is now available for those who are just discovering this information, and who wish to have a more coherent and clear understanding of what it is all about. Hear this channelling Click on the ear. It presents one of the most difficult subjects for the New Age, and Kryon wanted me to get it right!

    If you listen to the live audio , you get only a portion of what is being presented here in this transcription. It's a touchy subject, and one that many find unbelievable, or offensive, or dark. It elicits anger in some and disbelief in many, but it's core truth and must be understood. For without this knowledge, a large barrier will continue to exist that you will seemingly forever battle in your quest for enlightenment. Shasta, and the Kryon Summer Light Conference.

    See a Problem?

    It is core explanations of some of the "woo woo" that bothers logical and 3-D minds. This channelling has become lesson three in The Lightworker's handbook , which is the series that we recommend those read who are just coming up to speed with the New Age attributes. This is part one of two regarding one of the most confusing aspects of metaphysics Are there really "no accidents? Where is God? This channelling is a discourse on the differences between the reality of Spirit and humanity. Part two will be a bit more practical, telling what to do with the whole picture, and giving examples.

    These situations look like accidents, but they are not. They are the System! This Transcription was given in Granada as part two regarding one of the most confusing aspects of metaphysics This a lot more practical than part one, giving examples of how a person can come to "count on the syncronicity of seeming accidents" as a way of life.

    A Channeling Handbook by Carla L. Rueckert, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

    There will always be useful information for everyone. Beware of the channel that gives you useful information for only a few, or tells you that it's only for a special group or a sequestered number. It must be useful for ALL humanity, every single Human. This is an area of discernment allowing you to know you are hearing the truth.

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    The message should be uplifting. This is a staple of God energy. It must be there. It should inspire the listener and reader. Every recorded angel appearance before a Human Being has begun with "Fear not! Spirit God will never, ever channel a message that asks you to give up your free will.

    For your free will is what your experience on Earth is all about as you sit in your "chairs of gold" a metaphor created in Kryon Book Six. Free will! Spirit will never give you a message - ever - that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honored in your thought processes. Spirit will never trick you or "talk you" into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You must feel comfortable with it, and it must ring true to your heart. Spirit will never represent a channeller as being the only source.

    The Truth about Channeled Books

    Watch for this, for there are many channels of Spirit and they all coordinate their information to create a bigger picture, especially in this New Age. Watch for the fact that the information is normally new information. Beware of the channel that simply re-hashes the old, for they are not channelling anything but the ego of the Human Being. New information is necessary, combined with "core information," it is the entire reason for the channel.

    Pages: 87— By: John Patrick Deveney. Pages: — By: Elizabeth Lowry. By: Christa Shusko. By: Jeremy Rapport. By: Lynn L.

    By: John Warne Monroe. By: Darryl V. By: Hugh Urban. By: Ruth Bradby. By: Adam Klin-Oron. By: Christopher Partridge.

    Handbook of Spiritualism and Channeling

    By: Jeffrey Kripal. By: Douglas E. By: Michael Barkun. By: Catherine L. Biographical Note Cathy Gutierrez, Ph. She has published in Spiritualism and related esoteric worldviews in the nineteenth century as well as in millennialism and emergent religions. Cowan, Michael Barkun and Catherine L. All interested in Spiritualism, channeling, and related currents such as Theosophy and New Age religions. Perfect introductions for new students and overview for teachers and professionals of the state of the field. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement.