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Supplies: Basic Pencil set, Basic color pencil set, Sketchpad. The course will cover the art of illustrating cartooning and drawing and introduce students to the fundamentals of illustrative design and execution. Age: Youth, ages 6 to Dover Comic Con Pop Up.

When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. August 17th, 18th, and 19th. Power and Wifi Available on request. Another one I love is "Creative Illustration" - the simple and effective way to explain composition and value in that book makes it quite unique.

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The main thing I dislike about older art books, especially the ones on drawing humans, is a lack of diversity. All the "example humans" tend to be white and European. Not that more modern books are that much better. James helped me find Earnest Norling's "Perspective Drawing". I'd been given it as a child and I'd forgotten both Title and Author. Since buying an old copy online I've found it just as comprehensive and useful as I'd remembered.

As you progress through the book the charmingly vintage American illustration style walks you gently through everything you need to know in a very efficient manner. An infant would find the early pages understandable and a professional might find the final pages challenging. It really is a book that can serve you well for a lifetime in art. Thanks for this post on books. Dover is wonderful. It's mostly text but what a text, very rich in the explanations on the structure of trees. A very good book on composition : The basis of successful art -Concept and Composition by Fritz Henning I love the book "Treasury of American pen and ink illustration to dover When I first started college in January , I was starting a bit late and had to take the second drawing class first.

That class was the equivalent of figure drawing boot camp Not "art-instructional" like the others but a great read nonetheless. Here some of the best books from my collection 1. Reilly's big innovation was to set the palette with several "strings" of the same hue but of about seven different values. Landscape Graphics by Rant W. The first pages are about drawing plans, but from their on it has wonderful quick drawings of trees, cars, etc. Rendering with Markers, Ronald B. Kemnitzer, Watson-Guptill, 5. Pencil Pictures by Theodore Kautzky, Reinhold -- a classic 7.

Light and Shade by Mrs. Mary P,. Merrifield, Dover originally She describes now forgotten changes in values at edges 9. Hawthorne on Painting collected by Mrs. Charles W. Hawthorne , Dover originally Hensche on Painting by John W. Robichaux Dover originally Rendering in Pen and Ink by Arthur L. Guptill , Watson Guptill drawing examples not by him James, It occurred to me that in my above list, the books that have not been reprinted are in a large format.

Great list. I have almost all them. I have the Loomis books as well and Rex Vicat Cole' book on perspective.

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Between Cole and Loomis everything one wants to know about perspective is there. I know the Ernst Norling book and it's a good book on this subject. Definitely simpler to grasp than Cole' book. Great post, thanks! I also want to mention Bruno Lucchesi's "Modeling the figure in clay".

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It helped me a lot learning digital sculpture. It's not Dover but a great process reference, even if the photos are a bit underexposed. Craig Wilson: thanks for sharing the link on human types!! Nice, simple and informative with great explanatory drawings. Bridgman and Norling have long been among my favorites. Also, this is an excellent reference for "athletic" bodies. My all time favorite is Schmid's Alla Prima. I found this post to be useful for me in compiling a wish list! I also appreciate the recommendations in the comments section.

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Oddly enough, the biggest piece of information I came away with from my first reading was how to achieve the different edges in a painting, I like the method he presents. Sadly, as far as I know the book is out of print, so it's hard to find. I love all of Loomis' books, and own most of them, but what I'd love to find is a book at his level about gouache painting, from that period. Any suggestions, anybody? I love dover books and buy one any chance I get, and I'll definitely check these out. They also have a few books on medieval painting techniques, like the Practice of Tempera Painting by Daniel Thompson.

Since I don't tolerate solvents really well and don't like the plastic look of acrylics, I tried out egg tempera. Without this book I wouldn't have gotten very far with it. Thanks for posting your list! Thank you for this, James. I'll look into the perspective book and the tree book. I have some of the others. I like Dover books, and have a lot of your list already. I own or at least have read most of all the books mentioned in your post and the comments. Not a bad one in the bunch. I refer back to them often. This book got me into drawing and keeps me drawing.